yet another modern ghost client...

Why should I choose Antic ?

Just a few reasons why you should choose Antic over our competitors...


Our client is entirely external, absolutely nothing is injected into your Minecraft instance. Compared to other external clients, Antic gives you way more customization.


Antic is fully undetected server side and client side which means that you won't have to worry about screenshares.


We know you like compatibility and that's why we made Antic compatible with multiple launchers such as Badlion Client, Lunar client and more!


Our support team is here to give you an answer within 24 hours. If you have any question/issue with our product, feel free to create a ticket!

Security and Privacy

We are using latest security measures and technologies to ensure that your data is secured and won't be leaked.


We have been thoroughly testing our product and constantly working on updates to always be on top of your needs.


Antic has a smooth and modern UI, which makes our interface user friendly and pleasant to look at.

Ready to purchase ?

Ready to be ahead of your opponents? Enjoy the game as it's meant to be played. Try one month to know if our client is the one that you need. Antic does not auto-renew.



Antic is compatible with most popular PvP launchers and versions...
Vanilla Optifine Forge Badlion Client Lunar Client
Classic Badlion/Lunar



Antic is compatible with Windows 10 64-bits system.

Antic is compatible with the following versions of Minecraft, if you have compatibility issues or suggestions for adding compatibility you can create a ticket.

Specific clients :

- Lunar Client (Stable Branch only)
- Badlion Client (Release Mode and the last version of the Java Virtual Machine)

No, there is no lifetime plan and adding one is not planned yet.

We currently only accept payments through PayPal, a credit card support is planned soon.

No, you are not allowed to share your account with anyone else.

(*) We only accept YouTube partnerships.
(*) We are looking for YouTube channels with a minimum of 2000 subscribers
and 1000 views per video with less than 3 weeks of inactivity.

If you want to apply for media, create an account on our website and open a ticket in the "Media application" category. Provide the following information:
- A link to your YouTube channel
- Your Discord account linked to your YouTube channel

These conditions do not apply if we contact you on our own.
If your channel does not meet our requirements, please do not open a ticket.